Save Time

Time can be managed and better utilized virtually when proper planning and expectations are set. 

Engage More

Virtual platforms allow for a larger reach, and more impactful methods of individualized content delivery. 

Lower Stress

We aim to help you build your virtual confidence by taking the guesswork out of adapting your in-person presentations, and providing easy to understand tools, tips, and strategies.

About us

We have the skills and experience to help individuals and organizations step into the digital world without fear and prepare them to thrive.

Our team is passionate about forging meaningful connections between educators and students, business partners and clients, and public speakers looking to spread their message from a distance.

How it works

A few things we’re great at

Here’s just a taste of the expertise and strategies you’ll receive after signing up for our program.


Increase Engagement

Offer tips and strategies on how to increase two way communication with your participants so you aren’t talking to a blank screen.


Setting Norms

Show you how to set expectations that will help guide your virtual program and ensure your participants know the rules.


Training Tools

Our package will provide you with multiple tools geared to cut down time, and worry.


Space Management

We offer some innovative strategies on how to setup your space, and also navigate both virtual and in person spaces.


Content Delivery

Our team will show you how great content is received so you can ensure your message is heard every time.


COVID Guidelines

Our package will include COVID-19  guidelines for in-person and hybrid programs.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Our team

We synthesized our skills and expertise into this comprehensive package that solves the problem of engagement for educators, students, employers, and employees.

Gordon Corsetti

Gordon Corsetti

Linda Kreter

Linda Kreter

Susie Reynolds Reece

Susie Reynolds Reece

Corey Throckmorton

Corey Throckmorton