Our Objectives


the problems inherent in virtual presentations. 


available technology to the maximum.


organizations to meaningful methods of connection that will positively influence every meeting you ever hold.

Our Why

Teachers are overworked,
organizations are losing money,
speakers are missing connection.
Everyone is stressed.

There is a better way.

Closer While Apart - Stressed
Closer While Apart - In Person Veteran Training
Develop Meaningful Connections

We cannot reach the same level of connection that is present in the classroom or the meeting room. Nor can we throw all available technologies at our attendees in the hope that something we say sticks. Instead, we must carefully consider our goals, our delivery options, and our audience.

Our program focuses on understanding your attendees and building upon their needs by recommending ways you can tailor your training for the better.

Strategies to Get Closer While Apart
  • Utilizing a moderator/facilitator
  • Recognizing and combating Zoom Fatigue
  • How best to display information
  • Methods to check-in with your audience
  • Ways to safely showcase your vulnerability

Closer While Apart In Person

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